We were approached by Coca Cola Canners in Wadeville, for a Heat Relief Natural Ventilation System. We suggested one hundred and thirty six (136) Curvent Pinnacle Turbines (610mm) manufactured in galvanised material. The project specification for this 28 900m² factory was for 8 air changes per hour. 

One of the main benefits of our Pinnacle Turbines is it's easy installation. Training was done on-site at Coca Cola Canners and the installation completed by R&D Contracting.

Our Curvent Pinnacle Turbines offers the following features and benefits that separates them from the competition:

  • The flat dome on top is designed to be robust against any extreme weather conditions, especially against hail damages that will cause water leaks.

  • The central axle is designed to be well balanced at the centre of the shaft.

  • Each Curvent Pinnacle Turbine has a double sealed bearing on the central shaft for effective spinning and air extraction.

  • We offer a 5 year product guarantee to our clients, because we know that it will last in the long run.

  • The curved blades are designed for maximum extraction caused by the hot air pressure from the inside and the wind picking up on the vanes at the outside.

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