The best wind ventilator on the market


We are very proud of our Curvent Pinnacle Turbine that has been on the market for the past 9 years. We believe that our product is the best wind ventilator product on the market.

The flat dome on top is designed to be robust against any extreme weather conditions, especially against hail damages that will cause water leaks. The central axle is designed to be well balanced at the centre of the shaft.Each Curvent Pinnacle Turbine has a double sealed bearing on the central shaft for effective spinning and air extraction.

The curved blades are designed for maximum extraction caused by the hot air pressure from the inside and the wind picking up on the vanes at the outside.Each Curvent Pinnacle

Our turbine ventilation systems rely on the power of the wind to keep your indoor workspace healthier, drawing upon a sustainable source of momentum that is as free as the air.

Our product is easy to install with an installation guide. We offer a 5 year product guarantee to our clients, because we know that it will last in the long run.

Tools, tips and products required to do a DIY installation:

1. Class 3 tech screws.

2. Grinder.

3. Drill.

4. Flat nose plier.

5. G-Clamps.

6. Den Braven silicone 1001 sealant.

7. Spirit level.

8. Safety gloves.

9. Marking pen.

10. Safety glasses.

11. Ruler.

12. Measure, twice and cut once.

Easy DIY Installation Guide:

Made in South Africa with guaranteed quality:


We make our Pinnacle turbine ventilators from high quality yet lightweight materials right here in South Africa. We are so confident in their quality and durability that we back them with a 5-year guarantee.


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